Manual Sluice ( Retractable Device)

By means of a retractable device the probe can be withdrawn even of the filled fermenter. The Fig.  shows the principle of the retractable device.
In the mounting position the device is fixed with a shearing pin and then the probe can be unscrewed .

Automatic Retraction System ( STPS)

For alcohol measurement even safer and more flexible a new pneumatic retractable probe STPS  has been developed by Biotechnologie-Kempe GmbH.

The STPS is intended for industrial Ethanol measurement. During operation, the SILICONE-TUBING-Probe can be maintained or exchanged. The retraction system STPS is working full automatically. It can be mounted via a threaded mounting adapter (25 mm) in vessels or in pipelines in either main production or pilot plants. The STPS is designed safe and robust (material: SS) according the conditions of industrial processes.