Manual Sluice ( Retractable Device)

By means of a retractable device the probe can be withdrawn even of the filled fermenter. The Fig.  shows the principle of the retractable device.

In the mounting position the device is fixed with a shearing pin and then the probe can be unscrewed

Automatic Retraction System ( STPS)


For alcohol measurement even safer and more flexible a new pneumatic retractable probe STPS  has been developed by Biotechnologie-Kempe GmbH.

The STPS is intended for industrial Ethanol measurement. During operation, the SILICONE-TUBING-Probe can be maintained or exchanged. The retraction system STPS is working full automatically. It can be mounted via VariventR adapter  in vessels or in pipelines in either main production or pilot plants. The STPS is designed safe and robust (material: SS) according the conditions of industrial processes.



Calibration device

For all users of our alcohol measuring systems we have developed a calibration device, which allows a quick calibration of the Silicone-Tubing-probes. The device also can be used for determination of alcohol concentration in laboratory.



Zero- Air Generator (Air- Purifier)

The air purifier produces clean and hydrocarbon free air from normal compressed air. The Pt/Pd-catalyst converts all hydrocarbons inclusive methane (CH4) into carbondioxyde (CO2) and water (H20) by catalytically total-oxidation at 370°C. Hydrogen (H2) and carbonmonoxyde (CO) are removed quantitatively.

The produced air quality is constantly free of hydrocarbons and better than synthetic air from gas bottles of class 5.0 (referring to organic components).

On account of the high gas purity, the air purifier is used
for Alcoline®-measuring systems as carrier gas.

With normal compressed air (6 bar, oil free) the HC content becomes less than 50 ppb The air purifier can produce clean air for up to 12 Alcoline® – Systems.

The typical amortisation period of the air purifier is less then one year. The air purifier can be used as zero gas generator instead of gas bottles.